About Us

Our subject matter expertise in financial crimes investigations runs the gambit from anti-money laundering (AML) to E-commerce to internal theft/fraud. We help our clients reduce losses through gap analysis, improve fraud prevention, and conduct hands-on investigations and admission seeking interviews to detect fraudulent behavior and actions to recoup losses.

We simply can see what others can’t.  As we say, “Our vision is your shield.”

Loss Mitigation & Reclamation

Financial losses are reduced through our expert investigative prowess, detection, and recoupment strategies.

Fraud Prevention

Clients are given the highest quality advice and resources to create state-of-the-art fraud prevention programs.

Innovative Vision

One size does not fit all.  The key to a lasting fraud program is tailored solutions for each client.

“After nearly 20 years in the fraud fighting realm, my passion for helping organizations and individuals combat financial crimes has not wavered.  I am as dedicated to them now as I was my first day.”

Christopher W. Knight, Founder & President, KVFI


Pamela Cleveland, Chief Compliance Officer

Christopher Knight is a premier fraud guru. I had the pleasure of hiring Chris and watching him quickly go about designing and implementing a state of the art Fraud Program. Chris is very passionate about fraud and thinks of avenues to explore that others do not. I highly recommend him to any organization.

Stuart Battersby, Chief Financial Officer

Chris is an exceptional leader who can bring a level of excellence to any fraud organization which is unrivaled. He is a charasmatic and supportive team member.

Megan Grifa, Head of Compliance Oversight

Chris is an exceptional person and leader. He is extremely smart and analytical – effective at solving complex problems and cases. He is very organized, thorough, accountable, and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Mollie Stasi, Investigations Manager

I was fortunate enough to work for Christopher Knight at Amazon where he built and led our emerging Occupational Fraud and Abuse investigations program and made it one of the highest volume and fastest growing investigative pillars within Amazon. Christopher’s leadership, industry expertise and fraud knowledge are unmatched and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Shawn Abernathy, Sr. Manager- Investigative Services

Chris is a highly educated and skilled leader – a subject matter expert – in the Fraud and Investigations business. His attention to detail, bias for action, ability to deep dive data, and analyze information to deliver results are second to none. Chris is an outstanding team leader who creates an atmosphere of teaching and success which others gravitate toward and want to be part of. Chris is a leader that will create a lasting strategy, transform, and drive the business – and can be counted on to deliver. I unequivocally recommend Chris for a leadership position and know that he will surpass your expectations.