Direct Hire/Placement Rates

Are you looking to hire an executive level professional in the fraud, financial crimes, and compliance space as a full-time, permanent employee?  Look no further!  Our founder, Christopher Knight, is open to taking off his consulting hat and working as a direct hire, permanent placement, full-time employee for an amazing company just like yours.  Whether you are a start-up or well established company, he can help bring your programs to new levels, even create and stand-up new ones, too!  Check out his bio for more information in the Leadership section. 

Below you will find a general outline of total compensation expectations which include a minimum yearly base, bonus, and equity package.   Although all is negotiable, these values represent a typical package offered to someone with similar experience, background, certifications, and results as Christopher Knight. 

If you are ready to bring your company to new heights, contact us now to see if Christopher Knight can be your best new hire!

Best rates are given for salaried positions with an equity and bonus structure in a remote setting.

¹If bonus OR equity is not offered, an increase in base and/or the other may be acceptable.
²Partial vesting to occur on a yearly basis and total vesting may not exceed four (4) years.