Consulting Rates

Our founder never believed in frivolous spending nor what seems to be the “norm” with most consulting agencies- price gouging for a needed service.  He has always stood on the principle that prices should reflect market rates, afford the consultants who work for him a comfortable wage for their years of unparalleled expertise, while also allowing even the smallest of companies or individuals to afford the services of professionals that can help them. 

With that, the below average rates are for a single consultant and are based on contracted hours within a calendar year.¹  

KVFI offers additional discounts for multiple, simultaneous projects, and/or projects that warrant more than one KVFI consultant at a time.

  • Reduced rates for a initial consultant outside of those published will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and take into consideration length of contract, bonus/equity additions, and other factors.  
  • Should a client add additional blocks of time during the same calendar year which move them into a better rated block, a pro-rated amount will be charged to ensure the lowest average rate is obtained.


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Rates with red borders offer the most significant initial discounts.

¹Rates typically do not include travel, lodging, meals, transportation, etc. and will be billed directly at cost when required.