Conduct internal and/or external investigations related to the clients needs within the fraud and financial crimes realm.  This includes both private and public sector consulting.

Admission Seeking Interviews

Taking internal investigative results to the next step by conducting admission seeking interviews of the offender(s).

Risk Assessments

Review current trends, specific risks with each client, and overall analysis to complete a risk assessment that can be used to identify areas of opportunity.

Program Build Out/Enhancements

Whether our clients are looking to build out a new organization from the ground up or simply wish to revamp what currently exists, we can assist in all aspects.

Payment Processing & Tech

Source and implement payment processors that fit each client’s needs.  Additional add-on technology expertise resulting in reduced risk and loss.

Financial Crimes Compliance Guidance

Strategic guidance related to regulatory compliance within BSA, OFAC, AML, Crypto, Fraud, Payments, and more.

Loss Detection & Reclamation

Financial losses are reduced through our expert investigative prowess, detection, and recoupment strategies.

Fraud Mitigation & Prevention

Clients are given the highest quality advice and resources to create state-of-the-art fraud prevention programs.

Fractional Leadership

We serve as your Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Risk Officer, BSA/AML Officer, Chief Fraud Officer and more either full-time, ad-hoc, or interim.

Public Speaking

Client specific speaking engagements or general speaking at seminars.


Policies & Procedures

Create policies and procedures, or optimize existing ones, that align the with the expectations of external or other critical stakeholders.

We offer services for all your needs!

KVFI will lead and support you towards the best possible outcomes.  Our suite of services can be used by almost anyone from an individual who needs help, to companies in regulated spaces, all the way through to law enforcement assistance in cases involving a financial crime aspect.

We have worked in almost every industry such as FinTech, InsureTech, Entertainment, Law Enforcement, and others from startups to Fortune 100 to FAANG.

Outside of consulting, we also offer the ability to hire our founder, Christopher Knight, as a full-time, permanent employee or request him as a guest speaker!  Check out our Direct Hire and Speaking rates for more information.

Specific fraud and financial crimes concerns?

We specialize in financial crimes investigations related to anti-money laundering (AML), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), E-Commerce Fraud, Travel & Entertainment Fraud, Embezzlement, criminal investigations for law enforcement, debit/credit card fraud, identity theft, workers’ compensation fraud, and many others.

Contact us with your specific situation and we will discuss how we can show you results!

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