KVFI & Fraxtional.co Partnership

in 2024 we announced a new partnership with Fraxtional.co, a New York-based boutique consulting firm specializing in risk and compliance leadership that caters to FinTech, BaaS Banks, and Crypto firms!

New expertise has been unlocked…

With over 100 years experience between all our partners/directors, this new partnership will be able to pull on the subject matter expertise of this alliance and deliver a one-of-a-kind final product to all our clients. No project is too big or too small- individuals and large business will be able to thrive on our joint offerings!


Much like KVFI, Fraxtional has assets throughout the United States.

Experienced Team

KVFI is leveraging experiences gained over decades at Fortune 500 banks and high-growth FinTech and Crypto firms.

Vast Network

Fraxtional operates through its broad risk Director network that is now a part of KVFI.

Growth in new and existing services for KVFI

Fraxtional has four key services that KVFI adds to its portfolio…

Risk Assessments

Policies & Procedures

Fractional Leadership

Key Partnerships

Risk Assessment

Identify current and future risks to organizations within AML, operational, regulatory, third-party and beyond.

Policies & Procedures

Create policies and procedures, or optimize existing ones, that align the FinTech or Crypto firm with the expectations of partner BaaS banks or other critical stakeholders

Fractional Leadership

Serve as advisory, interim, or permanent C-Suite/Officers ensuring trust with partners, investors, and customers.

Key Partnerships

Maintain partnerships with managed services businesses that can provide needed resourcing and non-risk related expertise for the balance of clients.

Mutual Support

Increased expertise without increased cost

This partnership leverages a vast network of Fraxtional and KVFI’s experts at a fragment of the cost of most consultancies offering the same services. 

Because we are a true partner with talent sharing, we aren’t competing with each other and are thus able to pass significant savings onto our clients.  You get our whole network of experts. Every time. Period.